New point of view to fluid therapy in sepsis and septic shock

Dalia Adukauskienė1, Paulina Aldakauskaitė1, Brigita Šaduikytė1

 1Lietuvos sveikatos mokslų universitetas, Medicinos akademija, Medicinos fakultetas


Despite development of diagnosis and treatment opportunities, high mortality rate of sepsis and septic shock still remains a significant problem. The article discusses features of fundamental treatment method – infusion therapy, since hypovolemia is the main cause of these syndromes. Attitude towards infusion therapy as a method of treatment is continuously changing, so it is essential to explore and understand key aspects of the liquids therapy. Following subtopics have been presented in the article: selection of type, rate and volume of solutions, alternating view to consumption of crystalloids and colloids. The article is prepared according to the guidelines of sepsis and septic shock treatment (“Surviving Sepsis Campaign”).

Keywords sepsis, septic shock, fluid therapy, crystalloids, colloids