Effects of psychological factors, depression and diabetes education on glycemic control

Raminta Oleškevičiūtė1, Rugilė Grincevičiūtė1, Raminta Jovaišaitė1, Raimonda Putnaitė2

1Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Medical Academy, Faculty of Medicine, Kaunas, Lithuania

2Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Department of Family Medicine, Kaunas, Lithuania


Background. Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease and its cases are increasing rapidly. Changing their daily routine and monotoring their health is a huge challenge for patients which is accompanied by doubts, uncertainty. Some patients lack knowledge about their disease, which prevents them from taking proper care of themselves.

Aim: to review effects of psychological factors, depression and diabetes education on disease control.

Methodology. The research method is a literature review. The PubMed and Google Scholar databases were selected for the search of literature sources. Used keywords and their combinations: diabetes, motivation, depression, adherence, glycemic control, awareness, education. Criteria for selection of publications: scientific articles in English and Lithuanian, corresponding to the research topic and published from 2013 to 2023.

Results. The motivation of diabetic patients is a critical factor in adherence to the treatment plan. The course of this chronic disease is better controlled if depression is treated at the same time and the patient has knowledge about diabetes.

Conclusions. Acceptance of the disease, motivation to follow the treatment plan and self-care are very important. A lower level of depression is associated with a better course of diabetes. Patient education about diabetes, its control methods, healthy lifestyle and monitoring of glycosylated hemoglobin is of great importance. The Lithuanian Diabetes Association is actively engaged in education. It is also useful for patients to come to the consultations of a nurse diabetologist.

Keywords: diabetes mellitus, depression, glycemic control, motivation, patient education.

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