Adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: principles of diagnosis and treatment


Monika Jasinskaitė1, Rasa Saulytė1, Vytautas Steponavičius1, Justinas Balčiūnas1, Brigita Baks2

1Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Academy of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Kaunas, Lithuania

2 Vilnius City Mental Health Center, Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, Clinic of Psychiatry, Vilnius, Lithuania


Introduction. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) most commonly occurs in childhood but may persist into adulthood [1]. Nearly 60% of patients diagnosed with ADHD in childhood, symptoms persist into adulthood [2]. Significant differences in the symptoms, diagnosis, and management of ADHD in children and adults. For a variety of reasons, adult ADHD is a disorder that has not been thoroughly evaluated by psychiatrists. The diagnosis and treatment of adult ADHD in Lithuania are not widely applied and regulated [1].

Aim: to select and analyze current literature data presenting clinic, diagnostics and recommendations for the treatment of adult ADHD. 

Methodology: a systematic review of the literature was conducted based on the scientific database PubMed, a selection of 3 advisory years of publications addressing the problem of adult ADHD.

Results. A systematic analysis of the literature provides the main clinic, diagnostic and treatment recommendations for adult ADHD. 167 bibliographic records were identified during the search. Selected articles by title and summary. Publications were selected according to exclusion and inclusion criteria. 27 publications identified that met the criteria and the aim of the work.

Conclusions. The most common symptoms in adults with ADHD are difficulty in planning and organizing their daily activities, impulsivity, and restlessness. In addition, adults are characterized by comorbid mental illness. Treatment for ADHD is complex and includes medical treatment, psychotherapy, learning life skills, and assistance in integrating into a study or work environment.

Keywords: dysfunction; attention-deficit; hyperactivity; adults.