Tears of the knee joint meniscus


Lukas Pajėda,1 Rugilė Juočytė,1 Indrė Zubraitė1

1 Lithuanian university of health sciences, faculty of medicine


Tears of the meniscus is a common phenomenon. Acute injuries of the meniscus usually occur when a person changes the direction of the joint, which involves turning or “twisting” the knee while the knee is bent and the respective foot is placed. Severe ruptures are associated with increased pain and early knee movement restriction. Physical examination is very important for knee joint meniscus ruptures diagnosis, like general joint function, ability to squat, also provocative samples and instrumental research. In case of meniscus tear, treatment begins with initial therapy, then depending on the degree of damage and other factors, conservative or surgical treatment tactics are decided.


Keywords:  knee joint, meniscus, tear.