Complications of knee joint function restoration operation

Lukas Pajėda,1 Severija Pažemeckaitė,1 Artūras Smirnovas1

1 Lithuanian university of health sciences, faculty of medicine


A knee joint function restoration operation is widely regarded as a safe and effective procedure. Complications associated with the surgery, although not common, range from small to high or life-threatening. Complitations are separated into two groups – during operation and after operation. Peroneal nerve palsy is the most common complication during the operation. Thromboembolism (the worst possible complication), myocardial infarction, infection, joint dislocation, instability, patellofemoral instability, femur, tibia and patellar fractures, stiffness of the joint and acute or chronic pain are the most frequent post-operative complications.

Keywords: complications, knee joint, function, restoration.