Research of premature ejaculation among young women

Vytautas Matiulevič1, Robertas Adomaitis2 

1 Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius, Lithuania,

2 Vilnius University Hospital, Santara Clinic, Vilnius, Lithuania 


Background. Male‘s emotional, psychological and physiological conditions are important aspects for the duration of a quality intercouse that can result in orgasm for one or both partners. A quick intercourse lacking women satisfaction results in a lot of stress on men.

Aim of the study. The objective was to identify the incidence of masculine premature ejaculation during sexual intercourse in the population of young women and analyse how couples deal with premature ejaculation.

Materials and methods. An anonymous online survey, consisting of 15 questions, for women under the age of 30 has been shared in women Facebook groups. Statistical data analysis was completed using Microsoft Excel. 

Results. The average age of the respondents was 22.3 years. 43.9% women have experienced rapid man’s ejaculation. 63.8% women attempted to solve the problem together, the rest had a one-night sex or the duration of the sexual intercourse was not important for them. Almost all of the couples searched for rapid ejaculation treatment options online. Most used methods were condom use, stop-start technique, masturbation before sexual intercourse. 81.8% of couples have managed to improve the situation (fully or partially).

Conclusions. Half of the women have had sex with a man experiencing premature ejaculation. On average, a woman experiences rapid ejaculation during sexual intercourse for the first time on the age of 19 years. Couples tend to solve this problem looking for information online if the sex was not a one-off. The most common solutions are condom use, stop-start technique, and masturbation before sexual intercourse. 

Keywords: premature ejaculation, rapid ejaculation, female reaction.