Nurses motivation for work in hospice

Giedrė Žalaitė1, Brigita Afanasjeva1, Beata Gorban2

1Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Medical Academy

 2Santaros Clinics, Vilnius University, medical faculty,  nursing and internal diseases clinic


Studies have been carried out in order to find out the factors determining nurses’ motivation. They are very important in order to understand the attitude of employees towards the work performed when establishing the outstanding deficiencies and planning the work successfully. An employee, who is motivated and satisfied with the job, ensures a successful development of the organisation. Purpose of the paper. Establishment of the motivation of nurses working at nursing hospitals. Tasks. Establishment of the factors determining nurses’ satisfaction with their job, discussion of the opportunities improving nurses’ work, discussion of emotional difficulties, which are suffered by nurses at their work. Methods. The study has enrolled 78 nurses working at a nursing hospital. Respondents have received questionnaires consisted of 21 questions. The questions have been divided into 3 groups: group of questions I with questions 1–8 are to reveal the data about the general characteristics of the respondents; group II with questions 9–18 are to assess the factors determining nurses’ satisfaction with their job; group III with questions 18–21 are to establish emotional difficulties suffered by nurses and the methods of coping with them. The statistical analysis has been carried out by using the software packets of “Excel for Windows 2013” and “IBM SPSS 23. 0”. The reliability criterion (Xi) has been applied for statistical evaluation. Results. The respondents have opportunities for their improvement at work, what is one of the positive factors, which ensure satisfaction with their job. Another factor determining satisfaction with their job, which has been indicated by the respondents as a negative one, is their low salaries. Talking of the improvement of work conditions, reduction of a physical load has been focused. According to the respondents, this would improve the work quality. Not only physical load is very important but also an emotional state is. The most difficulties, which arise at nurses’ work, are the death of patients.

Keywords: nurse‘s motivation, hospice.