Diagnosis and Management of Post-COVID-19 Syndrome in Primary Heath Care

Arvydas Čejauskas1, Indrė Dzinzinaitė1, Tautvydas Uža1

1Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Academy of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine

Abstract: COVID-19 is an infectious disease, caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus. Patients, who already recovered from the disease, often develop long-term symptoms such as breathlessness, fatigue and pain. Also, there are more and more clinical cases presented in scientific literature describing patients with residual (cardiopulmonary, neurological, psychological) complications. The combination of these symptoms is also known as Post-COVID-19 Syndrome. Primary health care specialists play a huge role in diagnosis, management, and rehabilitation of this disease. Aim: to review the diagnostics and rehabilitation peculiarities in the primary health care of Post-COVID-19 Syndrome. Methods: literature analysis using PubMed database was performed. We discussed the most relevant aspects of strategies and management of this syndrome based on scientific data. Conclusions. After COVID-19 disease, 10 % of patients experience prolonged symptoms and up to 20 % of patients develop Post-COVID-19 Syndrome. The vast majority of those patients are being treated by primary health care specialists, but the lack of treatment guidelines causes many challenges. In order to solve this problem, close follow-up of these patients is required as this would facilitate the workload of primary health care specialists.

Keywords: COVID – 19, complications, post-COVID-19 syndrome, primary health care, rehabilitation.