Chronic neuropathic pain and capabilities of treatment

Dovilė Geštautaitė1, Monika Kairytė1

1Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Academy of Medicine. Faculty of Medicine.



Neuropathic pain is caused by damage affecting either somatosensory central system or peripheral nervous system. Chronic neuropathic pain is a major issue within the healthcare system which is closely related to a significant deterioration in the quality of patients’ lives as well as increased government spending. Epidemiological studies show that a high percentage of patients suffering from neuropathic pain are being treated inefficiently. Therefore, in order to effectively decrease the pain, multimodal therapy should be considered. This article discusses the relevance of chronic neuropathic pain as well as its etiology and developmental mechanism. In addition, the article provides a detailed analysis into the treatment possibilities for such type of pain.

Keywords: chronic pain, chronic neuropathic pain, treatment for chronic neuropathic pain.