The reconstruction of hand skin defects after removal of contractures using an artificial skin regeneration template. Clinical case.

Arnas Martinėlis1, Rūta Venciūtė2, Laurynas Šarkinas2, Nerijus Jakutis2

1 Lietuvos Sveikatos Mokslų Universitetas, Kaunas, Lithuania.

 2 Vilniaus Universiteto ligoninės Santaros klinikos, Plastinės ir rekonstrukcinės chirurgijos centras



The treatment of deep burns with low autological resources is really complex, but because of the improvement of surgery possibilities, skin defects can be closed using artificial dermal templates. In this article we represent clinical case: 23 year old male with severe burn (85% of body burnt), even after a treatment, eventually experienced grasping malfunction of his left hand due to II finger stump adductional and II-V finger stumps 90 degrees MCP joint flexional contractures. Patient was advised and operated in Vilnius University hospital Santaros klinikos, Plastic and reconstructive surgery center. Two stage operative treatment was completed using an artificial dermal template (Integra). Favorable cosmetic and functional results were obtained after surgery.

Keywords: reconstruction, burns, artificial dermal regeneration template.