The effect of weather changes on cardiovascular system. Analysis of literature

Mariola Kovalevska1, Marija Bendikaitė2

1Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Medical Faculty

2Vilkpėdė Hospital


The aim of the paper is to perform literature analysis and analyse data on the impact of weather as a risk factor on the cardiovascular system.

These days, climate change is closely related to significant fluctuations of air temperature. It is known throughout the world that temperature “peaks” can affect the development of cardiovascular diseases. Climate and seasonal change are being increasingly focused as the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases. International studies aim to find the interface between cold / warm season and ischemic heart disease as well as the impact of meteorological changes on cardiovascular events [1]. After the literature analysis had been performed, it was observed that warm and rainy days with the increased amount of water vapour in the atmosphere and days with the increased amount of rainfall are associated with the patient (especially the elderly, over 65) outflow to the health care institutions (usually to emergency departments) due to the emergence of acute cardiovascular and respiratory diseases [2].

Key words: weather changes, cardiovascular system, ischemic heart disease