Overview of recommendations for reducing alcohol consumption

Eglė Virbickaitė1,  Eglė Astašauskaitė1, Austė Bandzaitė1

1Lithuanian university of health siences, faculty of Medicine


Absolute alcohol consumption per person in a year in Lithuania is still one of the highest in the world. Alcohol consumption is associated with a variety of life- threatening diseases, increasing the likelihood of injuries and road accidents. Many countries in the world have developed various recommendations based on scientific researches that are aimed at reducing alcohol consumption, treating people who are alcohol dependent, and informing the public about harmful alcohol consumption. Comparing Lithuania’s recommendations with the recommendations of other countries of the world, a lot of similarities are found. In Lithuania many restrictions have only having effect since the beginning of 2018, due to this it is not enough time has passed to estimate whether these measures will be effective in Lithuania.

Keywords: alcohol consumption, Lithuania, Great Britain, United States, Australia, recommendations