Low back pain in general practice

Kotryna Tarasevičiūtė1, Rasa Kornelija Marozaitė1, Eglė Astašauskaitė1

1 Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Medical Academy Faculty of medicine, Kaunas, Lithuania


Low Back Pain (LBP) is the most common pain syndrome worldwide. LBP has been identified as a significant problem that causes morbidity, disability and related economic and social problems in the working-age population. Early diagnosis, prevention, and appropriate treatment tactics by a family physician (GP) can protect against LBP synchronization and prevent associated biopsychosocial outcomes. The purpose of this work is to review recent scientific studies on LBP, with emphasis on guidelines and innovations in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of this syndrome.

Key words: back pain, LBP, family doctor, GP, primary care.