Covid-19 pandemic effects on pediatric mental health. A literature review


­­­­­Gabrielė Repšytė1, Rūta Veitaitė1, Jolanta Gasienė2

¹ Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Medical Academy

² Department of Pediatrics, Jonava Hospital


Radical life changes caused by COVID-19 pandemic have undoubtedly affected pediatric mental health. Worldwide research has revealed heterogeneity of consequences in children’s mental health. Although mental disorders’ rate has grown, some families were able to improve their inner relationships and discover positive aspects of the quarantine. Nevertheless, pediatric anxiety, depression, conduct and attention disorders and suicidality have largely increased. The aim of this review is to present the results of different studies conducted in various countries, including risk and protective factors for children’s mental health, as well as recommendations for future strategies proposed by researchers.

Keywords: COVID-19, pandemic, pediatrics, mental health, parent stress, online studying, children behavioral problems, children emotional problems, lockdown.