Clinical case: woman with postnatal depression after a preterm birth with a history of depression

Dominyka Martinėlytė1, Agnė Skvarnavičiūtė1, Aida Kunigėlienė2

1Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Medical Academy, Faculty of Medicine, Kaunas, Lithuania

2Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Republican Kaunas hospital, Psychiatric clinic



A description of a clinical case of postnatal depression, experienced by a woman previously diagnosed with depression. The patient had depression 10 years ago and remarks that that period of her life had been difficult due to family issues. At that time the patient had been taking one type of medication for about a year. The patient completed the questionnaire while hospitalized in a postnatal ward due to a preterm birth. It was the patient‘s fifth pregnancy, fourth delivery, the pregnancy was not planned. The newborn was born after 36 weeks and 1 day in a natural birth, perinatal asphyxia was diagnosed. The mother feels symptoms of postnatal depression. This clinical case reveals the importance of medical staff having awareness regarding postnatal depression risk factors, their evaluation and correct courses of action.  Healthcare specialists that provide perinatal care to women, such as obstetricians, gynecologists and nurses, should cooperate with psychiatrists in order to provide appropriate care to women experiencing difficulties to improve the healthcare outcomes of the women and newborns. Keeping in mind the importance of early care to a child‘s development and the formation of a bond between a mother and her baby, it is essential to attend to a woman‘s wellbeing not just during pregnancy, but after childbirth as well.

Keywords: preterm birth, depression, postpartum depression, perinatal asphyxia, Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale.