Rūta Kerytė – Lalienė1

1Lithuanian university of health sciences


Research purpose: assess and determine the relationship between CRP levels in the peripheral blood and tumor spread.

Research goals: to evaluate  peripheral blood concentration of CRP in patients with lung cancer and compare them with histological tumor type.  To evaluate peripheral blood concentration of CRP in patients with lung cancer and determine the correlation between tumor stage, size, differentiation and  metastases in the lymph nodes.

Research methods: To retrospectively analyse ambulatory medical records of 60 patients were diagnosed with stage I – IV non-small cell lung cancer and received surgical treatment.  Were collected data on patients with lung cancer, tumor size, stage, histological type, metastasis to lymph node, differentiation and compared with CRP levels in the peripheral  blood. Statistical data analysis was carried out by programs SPSS 17.0 and Exel 2010.

Results: patients diagnosed with lung cancer it was determined that the amount of CRP concentration in peripheral blood are related to bigger size of a tumor, higher stage and the spread to local lymph nodes.

Conclusion: In this study, patients with non-small cell lung cancer showed elevated chronic non-infectious inflammation associated with tumor spread and histological type.

Key words: lung cancer, C reactive protein.