A literature review of current evidence on procedural aspects of successful cardiac pacemaker implantation

Tautvydas Rugelis1, Tomas Kazakevičius1, Vytautas Zabiela1, Vytautas Šileikis1, Vilius Kviesulaitis1, Aras Puodžiukynas1

1Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kaunas Clinics, Department of Cardiology, Kaunas, Lithuania


Background. As the population ages, the number of cardiac pacemaker implantation procedures is growing every year, medical technologies are evolving. Also the number of clinical trials that need to be followed is growing. The evidence of these sources could reduce the risk of certain complications.

Aim: to review clinical evidence on the cardiac pacemaker implantation procedure techniques and possible complications.

Methods. Scientific articles were selected using the PubMed database. A total of 20 articles included in the review, most of which have been published in the last 5 years. Literature sources describe clinical trials related to the cardiac pacemaker implantation procedure.

Results. A literature review provides clinical trial data that may influence the course of cardiac pacemaker implantation procedure.

Conclusion. Successful implantation depends on each stage of the procedure – preparation, assesment of bleeding risk, infection prevention, technique of the surgery, postoperative period.

Keywords: pacemaker infection, pacemaker implantation technique, electrophysiologal study, cardiac pacemaker, cardiac stimulation

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