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Index history: 2012 Index Coperncus Value(ICV): 4.38,

2013 Index Coperncus Value(ICV): 4.98,

2014: Standardized Value: 6.43.

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Online ISSN: 2345-0592.

Periodicity: Online.

Languages: Multilanguages.

Status: Edited scientific journal of medical sciences.

Databases: Index Copernicus, Index Medicine, Google Scholar DB(applying)

Aims of  the journal: Sharing significant scientific ideas, improving and spreading  it over scientific societies. One of  main resulting priorities – increasing popularity of medical researches and science. Integrity – is one of the most specific attribute of the journal. Journal articles mainly deals with wide medical topics. Disciplines can be checked bellow:


General information: Online application  ensures flexible, accurate and fast submission of manuscript. This type of  application form is developed  to create efficient publication process for authors and reviewers. Publishers are able to submit their articles (researches, reviews, mini-reviews, case reports etc.) via website, email or mail. Website of journal provides relevant information about article requirements for online submission. Papers abstracts are accepted in English. However, except abstract, articles text may be in other languages. Members of editorial board are international reviewers from various countries.