Treatment of hidradenitis suppurativa: literature analysis

Lolita Nagytė1, Emilija Bernotaitė1

1Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Academy of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Kaunas, Lithuania


Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) – is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin, also known as acne inversa. This disease usually affects the axillary, groin, perineum, buttock, thight, inframammary regions. The clinical manifestations can be varied: inflammatory nodes, abscesses, sinus tracts. About 4,1% of population is affected by hidradenitis suppurativa. Diagnosis of HS usually is delayed for about 7,2 years. Treatment of HS is not the same in different countries and there is no standartized protocol for treating this disease. If HS is cured inadequately, it can became chronic and cause not only physiological, but also psychological problems for patient. Aim: To select and analyze expert- developed guidelines of HS treatment and identify the most effective treatment for HS. Methods: the review of literature was conducted using the „PubMed“ medical database, expert-developed guidelines of HS treatment were analyzed. The keywords „hidradenitis suppurativa“ and „acne inversa“ were combined with „treatment“ and „guidelines“. Conclusion: After reviewing literature and undertaking this study, was created treatment recommendations, that help physicians to start right treatment.

Keywords: hidradenitis suppurativa; acne inversa; treatment; skin disease.