Pregnancy planning amongst pregnant females suffering from depression


Introduction: Causes of depression during pregnancy may be multifactorial: depression and psychiatric diseases in the past, depression signs in family members, low support of friends and family, negative thoughts about pregnancy, problems during earlier pregnancies.

Purpose: To evaluate risk factors amongst pregnant females, which suffered from depression.

Methods: Retrospective analysis was performed from 2009-2010 period in Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Clinics. Inclusion criterion was pregnant woman, which used antidepressants to cure depression (A group: n=15), and control group (Control B group n=25) were females without depression symptoms. The data was collected: patient’s age, pregnancies in the past, planning of current pregnancy, abortions in the past. Statistical data was calculated using SPSS Statistics 17.0 program. Statistically significant results were considered when p value was less than 0.05.

Results: Mean age of A group: 31.2 ± 3,529 years, mean age of B group: 33,6 ±5,579 years.

Conclusions: The age was not risk factor of pregnant female depression. Times of pregnancy is not risk factor of depression of pregnant woman. Planning of pregnancy was not statistically significant factor for occurrence of depression.