Lying distribution between students of different universities

Lying distribution between students of different universities

 Dr. Rytis Leonavičius, Isai Altshuler

 Lithuanian Health Sciences University, Psichiatry Clinics.


AIM: To evaluate frequency of lying between students of universities according to their attitude to lying.

Materials and Methods: 612 students were included into research and filled survey. Distribution by Universities: LSMU (34.6%) VDU (29,6 proc.) and KTU (35,8 proc.) Distribution by gender: females  (81.2 %) and  males (18.8%).

Results: 80,5 % of correspondents answered that they are lying frequently. The relation between lying occurrence and origin was determined: in comparison foreign and Lithuanian students there was significant difference (p<0,01). Other sociodemographic data according to frequency of lying did not differed significantly (p<0,01). Females significantly differed by answering that lying can improve conditions of life. Self criticism  was determined between lithuania students: lithuanian correspondents believed that lithuanian students are lying more frequently (p<0,001).

Conclusions: In comparison foreign and Lithuanian students, the tendency shows that foreign students lie more frequently. Females believe that lying can improve life quality. Lithuanians considered that they are lying more frequently than foreign students. However, our research data lets us to inspect increased self-criticism of Lithuanians. Despite our conclusions, we believe that further studies with larger sample are recommended to evaluate this behavior of humanity.