Characteristics of lower back pain


Brigita Afanasjeva1

1Medical Academy, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences


Lower back pain is a major problem in modern society. 84% of people have experienced this pain at least once in their lives, and one-tenth of the pain becomes chronic. The most common cause of lower back pain is non-specific back pain, less often other causes. Risk factors: smoking, obesity, age, female sex, stress, psychological conditions, bad posture, heavy physical work and lack of education. Diagnosis includes: a thorough history of the patient, general examination, neurological examination, laboratory tests and visual examinations. When deciding whether a patient needs a visual examination, it is important to take into account the red flags. Treatment is complex, individual and depends on the cause / pathology. The treatment consists of medications, physical therapy, interventions, behavioral changes, neuromodulations.

Keywords: lower back pain, acute, chronic, back pain examination, back pain treatment