Age and gender influence for glucoses concentration changes in the blood


Introduction:  Ocurrence of illness of diabetes mellitus type II are still increasing all around the world.

Excercises: 1. To evaluate age and gender influence for glucoses concentration2. To evaluate glucoses concentration changes in different conditions 3. To evaluate glucoses tolerance on both genders.

Methods: Totally 199 of twin pairs which was aged in 12-87 years range were used in our analysis. Glucose tolerance test was performed in Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Endocrinology Clinics.

Research was approved by bioethics comitee and director of Twins center. Data was analysed using SPSS 13.0 statistics program.

Results: Totally 250 females and 148 males participated in research. The sample was divided in two groups: I – age less than 40 years, and II- group members aged over 40 years. Glucose tolerance test number 1 in comparison with Glucose tolerance test number 2 didn’t statistically differed between both age groups: p=0,068.

Conclusions: According to our results age don’t have influence for glucoses concentration.